The conversation between Khalid and Sa'eed is partly imagined, partly real.  It is based primarily on three different WhatsApp conversations that Syrian collaborators contributed.  These WhatsApp conversations occurred before the project was proposed, and thus were authentic and genuine exchanges between two friends, never intended as a performance.  All conversations were originally in Arabic, and then translated into English. 

These different WhatsApp conversations were then reworked into a conversation between two characters – Khalid and Sa’eed – who are both a composition of two real individuals.  Thus, the original WhatsApp conversations underwent two levels of curation -- firstly by the Syrians themselves, some of whom censored portions of their conversation, and secondly by myself, in order to shape the narrative and include the different collabators' stories.  The majority of the messages exchanged on Typing…SYRIA are verbatim the original messages from the contributed, archival WhatsApp conversations. (Check the archive to see three of the original sources). 

Each subscriber was placed into a private group chat with only themselves and Khalid and Sa'eed, although every subscriber witnessed the same conversation. 


**Note: There were more than 3 sources, but the majority of the script came from these 3 sources.